Studio Tuition, Dress Code and Rules

Studio Tuition



Summer Class Rates

There is a one time fee for the summer session that can be split into 2 payments. There is no registration fee for the summer session.

  • ¾ hr a week  – $100
  • 1 hrs a week  – $125
  • 1.5 hrs a week  – $150
  • 2 hrs a week  – $175
  • 2.5 hrs a week  – $195
  • 3 hrs a week – $215
  • 3.5 hrs a week  – $235


Summer Camp Rates

Summer camps are $150 per week (3 hours a day).


Fall/Spring Class Rates

These are the monthly rates for the Fall/Spring Sessions.  There is an additional discount for those taking multiple classes. Please see below for details.

  • 1/2 Hour – $40 a month
  • 3/4-1 Hour – $60 a month
  • 1 ½ Hours – $85 a month
  • 2 Hours – $95 a month
  • 2 ½ Hours – $120 a month
  • 3 Hours – $130 a month
  • 3 ½ Hours – $155 a month
  • 4 Hours – $165 a month
  • 4 ½ Hours – $190 a month

Multiple class discounts will not be reflected in the prices you see on the schedule but will be applied to your account.  You will receive an email with specific tuition amounts once you have registered. If you have any questions about the prices please contact us.

Family discounts are available. Multiple class discounts and family discounts will not be reflected in the prices you see on the schedule but will be applied to your account. If you have any questions about the prices please contact us.

  • A non-refundable fee of $40 is due at registration, additional students in a family, $20.
  • The registration fee will be waived if you pay for the fall/spring session in full.
  • Adults are exempt from registration fees.
  • Tuition is due the 1st of each month. A $15 late fee will be charged after the 10th of the month.
  • Returned check charges will be $35.
  • Missed classes cannot be deducted but may be made up.
  • Registration is not considered complete and class space is not reserved until the registration fee and 1st & last month of tuition have been paid.

Studio Dress Code

Dancers are expected to look like dancers. Hair and dress apparel are to be neat when entering class. No necklaces, bracelets or large hoop earrings are to be worn during class.

For Combo and BTJ Classes:

Dancers may wear pink, black, or tan tights and any color and style of leotard. Skirts are permitted. Pink ballet and black tap shoes are required.

For Ballet Class:

Dancers should wear pink or tan tights and a solid color leotard. Wrap skirts, over tights and/or other ballet cover ups may be worn per teacher’s description. Shoes should be fitted pink ballet slippers with laces tucked under and hair should be secured up off the neck.

For Jazz, Contemporary, Pre-Drill and Tap Classes:

Dancers are to insure that their knees, ankles and feet are visible. Hipster or hot shorts may be worn over a leotard. Dancers may also choose to wear full length or Capri cut black jazz pants. Tights are not required. Any style fitted leotard or dance top is acceptable. Foot Undies have become quite popular for/by all of our dancers enrolled in a contemporary class. Split-sole, slip-on jazz shoes are preferred for jazz. and a black jazz tap is preferred for our level 1-3 dancers and teens.


sandals in a tan color, Dance Paws, Bloch Foot Thongs, and Capezio Padini’s in tan are acceptable for contemporary class.

For Hip-Hop Classes:

Dancers are permitted to wear jazz, cargo pocket or hip-hop pants to class. Hip-hop sneakers or street sneakers are preferred for class. Street clothes especially jeans are not permitted because the hinder the dancer’s range of movement.

Male Dancers:

Please dress comfortably in a solid color cargo pant or dance pant. Black jazz, tap and ballet shoes and dance sneakers are acceptable.


Studio Rules

  •  No food, drink, or gum are allowed in the waiting room or studio.
  • Hair must be neatly secured away from the face during class.
  • Students may not leave class early without permission.
  • Students and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and orderly manner in class and in the waiting room.
  • Students are to remain inside the building before class and while waiting to be picked up.  Cover-ups, to and from class, are strongly encouraged.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the class.
  • Absenteeism is very disturbing to the learning process. Missing a lesson due to illness or travel is understandable but please try not to schedule other activities or appointments at class time. Students may make up classes missed but there will not be a reduction in monthly tuition. We will be keeping attendance records and perfect attendance will be recognized at the recital in May. Make up classes will not count towards perfect attendance.
  • Enrollment : Enrollment is for 9 1/2 months, mid-August through May. Notice of dropping a class must given in writing or email 2 weeks in advance. Failure to notify us will result in continued tuition
  • Holidays: See the calendar section the website for specific dates.
  • Weather Closures: Information will be emailed if classes are cancelled due to bad weather.
  • Please label all dancewear with child’s name. Permanent markers work great.
  • View Windows: Parents and visitors are not allowed inside the classroom during regularly scheduled classes. Although this might not upset your child, it could distract others. Our viewing windows are open. Do not stand close to the viewing windows and please do not allow your children in the waiting area to be disruptive to classes.