Class Descriptions

Creative Movement:

(2-4 yrs old) Creative movement to work on large motor skills. This is a wonderful introduction into the world of dance…and fun for Mom as well.

Summer Camps:

(3-10 yrs old) Each camp has a theme. We will learn a camp dance, make crafts, play games and have lots of fun! We will perform the camp dance for visitors on the last day of camp.

Combo I, II and II:

(3-6 yrs old) Introduction to ballet with a little tumbling, and beginning rhythms of tap.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz Combo:

(6-9 yrs old) An hour and a half class that combines the technique of each of the styles for 6 to 9 year olds, who would like to begin the process of becoming a dancer.


A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. This includes elaborate formal gestures, steps and poses.

Hip Hop:

A street influenced type of dance commonly seen in music videos.


A mixture of many styles reflecting today’s pop culture; identifiable by exciting “tricks” and fast paced movement.


A fusion of ballet and jazz, and lyrical. Contemporary interprets the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way. The dancers’ movements attempt to illustrate the actual meaning and emotion communicated in the song.


Identifiable by its sound and rhythm, students receive a great workout while studying the coordination and perfection of tap movements.

Drill Team Prep:

A fun active class for girls of middle to high school age. The class starts with a long stretch which focuses on flexibility for kicks and splits. Students will learn proper kick technique and dance jazz technique. They will learn different choreography week to week which consists of Kick, Jazz, and Hip Hop.


A class designed to stretch and strengthen dancers and non-dancers alike.

Custom Flashmob Choreography:

Add a fun and surprising element to any party or occasion. I will choreograph and teach a flashmob for your next party so you can wow your friends and family with your moves. The package comes with 1 hour of instruction and 1 hour of practice at SMDS facility and cost $250 for as many participants as you would like.